Hans Sack

Senior Consultant

Hans Sack has extensive experience in the specialty metals industry including steel mill operations, parts manufacturing, and equipment manufacturing. He began his career in Germany with a steel mill equipment manufacturer. He then joined The Timken Company and served in increasingly senior positions until becoming President and CEO of Timken Latrobe Steel. He continued in that role with its successor, Latrobe Specialty Steel Company, under private equity ownership. Mr. Sack spurred Latrobe Steel to become a leading global producer and distributor of aerospace ferrous and nickel alloys and tool steels.

More recently, Mr. Sack served as President of ExOne, an additive manufacturing technology company and President and CEO of Berg Europipe Holding Corp., a producer of large diameter pipe for the oil and gas industry.

Mr. Sack hold a M.A. in mechanical engineering from RWTH Aachen, West Germany and a M.A. in business administration from Harvard University.